Christie is the wife of The DA
First CPN "Devilfish Title" - July 18, 2009
Casual player, often in the money
Winner of "Summer Party #6" Tournament

Favourite Hand: Ace-King (suited in Clubs)

Favourite Poker Professional: Phil Ivey

Famous Quote: "See, this is what I hate!"

Drink of Choice: Rum and Coke


The DA is an original member of the Poker "Crew"
Winner of the inaugural "Devilfish Title" at CPN - Feb. 25, 2005
Played in $500 WSOP Circuit Event in Las Vegas
Frequent Casino Niagara Rounder

Favourite Hand: Ace of Clubs - Ace of Hearts

Favourite Poker Professional: Doyle Brunson

Famous Quote: "Hey there Tricky"

Drink of Choice: Crown Royal and Ginger


Doc joined Friday Night Poker through baseball connection
First CPN "Devilfish Title" - Aug. 31, 2007
Dominated while playing in Dominican Republic Resort Cash Games - 2010
Has played at Caesar's Windsor Casino

Favourite Hand: Pocket 10's

Favourite Poker Professional: Phil Laak

Famous Quote: "What is your Range?"

Drink of Choice: Sleeman Ales


FT is the founder of CPN and Stardust Casinos
First CPN "Devilfish Title" - Apr. 1, 2005
3-time Las Vegas visitor with various tournament cashes
Very frequent Casino Niagara Rounder

Favourite Hand: Ace-King (suited in Diamonds)

Favourite Poker Professional: David "Devilfish" Ulliott

Famous Quote: "You called with that?"

Drink of Choice: Heineken Draught

Ice Princess

Ice Princess is the wife of FT
First CPN "Devilfish Title" - Nov. 3, 2006
2-time Las Vegas visitor colluding with the boys ("Nice hand Amanda!")
Winner of "Summer Party #4" Tournament

Favourite Hand: Black Queens ("Bathroom Break")

Favourite Poker Professional: Antonio Esfandiari

Famous Quote: "ZZZ..."

Drink of Choice: Sex-on-the-Beach


Melissa is the fiancee of Doc
First CPN "Devilfish Title" - May 7, 2010
First ever Stardust Bracelet Winner
Dangerous, newest regular at the Stardust

Favourite Hand: Unknown

Favourite Poker Professional: Unknown

Famous Quote: "Steve, you are bluffing!"

Drink of Choice: Whatever Doc is drinking

Out-of-Turn Al

Out-of-Turn Al is the father of the DA
First CPN "Devilfish Title" - Feb. 3, 2006
Played on the Red Hot Poker Tour
1 Table on-line tournament specialist

Favourite Hand: Suited Cards

Favourite Poker Professional: Daniel Negreanu

Famous Quote: "I gotta call"

Drink of Choice: Vodka and Orange Juice

The Cooler

The Cooler is an original member of the Poker "Crew"
First CPN "Devilfish Title" - Mar. 4, 2005
3rd Place Tournament Cash at The Venetian, Las Vegas - August 2009
Occasional Casino Niagara Rounder

Favourite Hand: Pocket 8's

Favourite Poker Professional: Dan Harrington

Famous Quote: "I hate Niagara! (A-Q?)"

Drink of Choice: Western European Beer

The Shark

Shark is the sister of FT
First CPN "Devilfish Title" - July 8, 2005
Poker Diva
Always looking to party (especially in Las Vegas)

Favourite Hand: Suited Connectors

Favourite Poker Professional: Eli Elezra

Famous Quote: "Did I win?"

Drink of Choice: Coca-Cola


Vegas was met through the Red Hot Poker Tour
First CPN "Devilfish Title" - Feb. 26, 2006
Has visited Las Vegas more times than he can remember (over 50)
Very frequent Casino Niagara Rounder

Favourite Hand: 6-4 suited

Favourite Poker Professional: Chris "Jesus" Ferguson

Famous Quote: "huh hum" (a tell meaning he has a hand!)

Drink of Choice: Grey Goose and Red Bull